Savannah Jazz

While in Savannah I was able to catch the last few days of a weeklong Jazz Festival. The photos below are of the band Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials. They were fantastic! Everyone was dancing and having a blast! While I’m thinking of it, the 2012 Richmond Folk Fest is this weekend, October 12-14th! Super excited to see some good performances.


Georgia on My Mind

Last weekend I went to Savannah, GA to check out SCAD’s graduate photography program. My family decided to make a trip of it and so we spent four days there. We got to see quite a bit, and were even lucky to have timed it just right to get to see the Savannah Jazz Festival. SCAD looks awesome, and I’m considering applying for the program, it had a lot of great things to it that would really be helpful for getting me where I want to be in terms of career. I can also see myself doing some good work there. Here are some images from the first night I was there. The hotel we stayed at had a ┬árooftop pool, which had great views of the city and the river.

Pardon the dust…

So I am in the process of revamping the look of this blog, I’m still making some tweaks, hopefully it’ll be awesome! I also went to visit Savannah, GA and SCAD, I’ll write on that later, and I have pictures to post as well!


Night and Day

I always love to photograph after dark, I just love how things change when the sun goes down. There are a lot more variations of light at night which really adds to the photographs that are taken after dark. I especially like photographing the stars, but that is best on nights with a new moon. On nights like tonight, when the moon is very bright, it can make an image look like it was taken in the day. The only way you could see the difference is if you see street lights on or house lights. You could also check the date stamp on the file if you were really curious.