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From the Archives: New York on Film

Recently I’ve been going back through my portfolio and all of my other work to find content for my new website. I stumbled upon some scans from a roll of film I shot a few summers ago in New York. Working with film is a nice break from the digital aspects of photography that I find myself getting caught up in, the ability to snap away without any thought is so easy with digital cameras now. I like that film forces me to be more thoughtful and selective with the images I take, its a nice change of pace. 


What is Home?

I had the privilege to grow up in the same house for 23 years. For the past 5 years or so I have also lived in Richmond, splitting my time between Warrenton, where I grew up, and this amazing city that I now also consider home. 

This past January my family moved to a new house, which is still in Warrenton, but just a lot bigger. I don’t really feel as if this new place is “home”, perhaps because I’ve really only been there for short amounts of time, a night here, a weekend there. 

The house is still in a transition of sorts. Some rooms are more furnished than others, the living room, the kitchen. However some places in the house are still empty, with a piece of furniture here and there. There are still traces of the previous family, curtains left behind, their old table, picture hooks all over the place. 

Some of these things left behind give you an idea of the way a room was used before. For example, my room has striped curtains, and a joker hat light switch plate. A circus like theme perfect for a young child’s room.

Slowly these remnants of before are being replaced with my family’s own mark. Slowly this house is becoming home.














Some old studio work

These were from my studio classes, I photographed these objects on a plexiglass shooting table with two gelled strobes, one underneath the table, and one behind the table shooting through the white plexi. For some images I just used the modeling light, others I used the strobes and got more intense colors. I often choose two contrasting colors to gel lights with. I found that metallic and glass objects worked the best for this work.

Pardon the dust…

So I am in the process of revamping the look of this blog, I’m still making some tweaks, hopefully it’ll be awesome! I also went to visit Savannah, GA and SCAD, I’ll write on that later, and I have pictures to post as well!


A door closes, another opens

Today was a beautiful day, one of those days when the sky is just so impossibly blue and you can’t help but gaze up at it. I had a successful breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes that I made myself, with the help of some Bisquick mix and some delicious semi-sweet chocolate chips. I also did some research for my upcoming trip to Savannah, GA (visiting SCAD to learn about their graduate programs, more on that next week), my mother and I will be going to The Lady & Sons restaurant, which is super exciting, I made reservations for that today. 

I decided to find something to do outdoors since it was so nice out, and I settled on going about 20 minutes down the road to a park/boat landing called Deep Bottom Park. However on the way out, I received a call from my mother, and she essentially told me that I had lost my job that I’d been at for the past three years. Apparently even though I’d registered for classes again after graduating, I still had graduated, so I could not stay on as a student employee. Needless to say, my good mood was definitely gone. I went ahead to the park, which turned out to be nothing really, however there were some good views of the James, so I got a few pictures at least, I’ll post those separately. 

So today, one door has closed, but hopefully another one will open soon. For now, more interviews, more explorations. Life goes on.


14 brilliant quotes on remixing

TED Blog

Art cannot be created or destroyed — only remixed. In a convincing talk from TEDGlobal 2012, director Kirby Ferguson explores the challenges of originality and freshness in a world where creativity takes root in what has come before. Without previous inventions we would not have the iPhone, the Model T Ford, Star Wars, Warhol’s soup cans, or the electronic musician Girl Talk. Ferguson highlights that remixing, referencing and reproducing previous innovations allows artists to engage in a cultural dialogue and allows art, technology and society to continue evolving.

What Ferguson calls remixing many call plagiarizing. At the heart of US patent law is the desire to protect intellectual property rights and incentivize individual innovation by protecting it from copycatting. But Ferguson argues that these laws ultimately contradict their own intent to “promote the progress of useful arts,” stifling the root of creativity. The problem, says Ferguson, is…

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Photographs from The Hill

This week I needed to visit the U.S. Capitol to get some photographs to use for a banner graphic for work. How is that for a job related trip? I’ve lived about an hour from D.C. for most of my life but I hadn’t been to the Capitol before! It was a great place to take pictures, but the tour groups made it really hard! Having to keep up with your group really was a hindrance. But the building is stunning, the architecture is absolutely stunning, I mean, that dome was just GORGEOUS! The fresco in the top of the dome is beautiful. I really tried to capture images that were different from what I always see.