Some old studio work

These were from my studio classes, I photographed these objects on a plexiglass shooting table with two gelled strobes, one underneath the table, and one behind the table shooting through the white plexi. For some images I just used the modeling light, others I used the strobes and got more intense colors. I often choose two contrasting colors to gel lights with. I found that metallic and glass objects worked the best for this work.


So there’s this thing I have to do…

it’s an artist talk. Like a 10 minute version, but still, something that entails me putting together a presentation with words and pictures and then presenting it to a largish group consisting of my peers and others. I am kind of terrified to be honest. I don’t do public speaking well at all, and when I am forced too I usually just end up getting flustered and teary eyed. It’s not fun at all. Luckily this is something we are working to all semester, and so we have a few drafts before the final event. The first draft just consists of words. Three minutes of words in fact, no more no less. So this post is me trying to make some sense of the jumbled mess inside my head.

I am trying to decide if I want to just limit it to my current project, or maybe just make a summary of my work at college. Certainly don’t want it to be a life story or anything like that (too long!), but I think that a summary of my college work is a good way to close my senior year and this particular chapter of my life.

When I think of my work, what immediately comes to mind is the night, and the transition time between night and day or vice versa. I love shooting during the golden hour, and have done so for many a project. I like reflections, I made an entire body of work just focusing on storefront reflections, and it is one of my favorite works to date. I even won a VMFA fellowship for it. I even did some reflections work in the studio too, with objects and colored lights, another favorite of mine. I’ve done a lot of different things here; sky swaps, face blends, cubism pieces, and even plain old portraits. I love a good shallow depth of field or even a nice wide shot of the stars, focused to infinity. I often find myself thinking of my “style” or whatever. I don’t know that I have one just yet, or maybe I do, and I just don’t see it.

I don’t always have a concrete concept in my head, or even an image. I know people who seem to just have the image inside their head, and then the final result is usually along the same line. I don’t work that way, not at all. I like to work in the moment I suppose. Just reacting to whatever situation I am in. I don’t usually like to have some definitive plan in my head, I just kind of give myself some loose parameters, or decide what I don’t want to do. Sometimes I like structure, but other times I don’t want any structure. I like to work first and then look back at it and figure out what it was that I was focusing on. It’s something unconscious for me.



Looking Up

This year we have our senior projects to work on, I just finished up the first part of Senior Portfolio and these are the final ten images I put together for the critique. In this project I am focusing on the differences between artificial light and natural light. The transition from relying on nature to relying on and building our lives around our invention of artificial light. The stars were made to serve as our initial light source at night, long before the lightbulb was invented or fire even discovered. Upon the invention of the lightbulb, we began to adapt by lengthening our days, since we no longer were bound by 12 hours of light to do our day to day tasks in. I have arranged the images in such a way that they could be explained in a few different ways; from the city to the mountains, from artificial light to starlight, and from up close to distant. I think this progression is much better than trying to go through and pair up images based on, let’s say, architectural similarities or similar colors. Through working on this project I have gained a much better appreciation for the night sky and the cosmos. I often find myself gazing up to the stars in awe.