Libby Hill Park





Autumn Wings

I love these awesome gourds! I live around the corner from a pumpkin patch, and they had these fantastic things, 5 for $3. Naturally I thought they would make for a great photo project, so I picked up a couple of interesting looking ones, some even look like birds! I have also been playing around with photoshop actions with these as well, what do you all think?


Night and Day

I always love to photograph after dark, I just love how things change when the sun goes down. There are a lot more variations of light at night which really adds to the photographs that are taken after dark. I especially like photographing the stars, but that is best on nights with a new moon. On nights like tonight, when the moon is very bright, it can make an image look like it was taken in the day. The only way you could see the difference is if you see street lights on or house lights. You could also check the date stamp on the file if you were really curious.


Some Instagram Pics

So I recently got an iPhone 4s and boy do I love it! I especially like the Instagram app and have been using it quite a lot since I’ve gotten the phone (sorry to my Twitter friends…I’m sure I’ve been blowing up your feeds with them). Here are some of my favorites so far! I could make a project of this, it’s an interesting way to document the things around you.

Such a pretty day!

I really love that house for some reason, I always find myself drawn to photograph it.

Almost 70 degrees in January!


Foggy night

This cathedral is so beautiful and it was a beautiful night, an excellent combination for a picture.

Wise Joan


Jewelry Display


Cleo Cat

Happy Christmas!

Sitting here watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey one!), thinking about this weekend. Aside from a stressful start to the week with Mom in the hospital, things have been great! Mom is doing great, the rest of the family is as well, so all in all it’s been wonderful during break so far. I am getting to the point that I am ready to get back to Richmond and start working on projects again.

Speaking of projects and school, I haven’t really been doing much with my camera on break, but I did get roped into taking family pictures yesterday, and I thought I would share my beautiful family with y’all! Here are a few of my favorites :