Night and Day

I always love to photograph after dark, I just love how things change when the sun goes down. There are a lot more variations of light at night which really adds to the photographs that are taken after dark. I especially like photographing the stars, but that is best on nights with a new moon. On nights like tonight, when the moon is very bright, it can make an image look like it was taken in the day. The only way you could see the difference is if you see street lights on or house lights. You could also check the date stamp on the file if you were really curious.



A door closes, another opens

Today was a beautiful day, one of those days when the sky is just so impossibly blue and you can’t help but gaze up at it. I had a successful breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes that I made myself, with the help of some Bisquick mix and some delicious semi-sweet chocolate chips. I also did some research for my upcoming trip to Savannah, GA (visiting SCAD to learn about their graduate programs, more on that next week), my mother and I will be going to The Lady & Sons restaurant, which is super exciting, I made reservations for that today. 

I decided to find something to do outdoors since it was so nice out, and I settled on going about 20 minutes down the road to a park/boat landing called Deep Bottom Park. However on the way out, I received a call from my mother, and she essentially told me that I had lost my job that I’d been at for the past three years. Apparently even though I’d registered for classes again after graduating, I still had graduated, so I could not stay on as a student employee. Needless to say, my good mood was definitely gone. I went ahead to the park, which turned out to be nothing really, however there were some good views of the James, so I got a few pictures at least, I’ll post those separately. 

So today, one door has closed, but hopefully another one will open soon. For now, more interviews, more explorations. Life goes on.