Feeling very unsure about things right now…

I’m facing a crossroads in life right now I feel like, am I using the right term? But basically, I’m figuring out whether or not I actually want to graduate this month, or put it off for another semester like I have already done once. Should I take some more classes and get a bit more experience for my resume? Or should I just ahead and get out there and start finding work? 

You see, I’ve just felt so disheartened recently about work, I put in a ton of applications, and hardly get a call, as it stands right now, I’ve put in for over 20 jobs, and have gotten one call and an interview, but no second interview. It’s incredibly frustrating how things are going. I feel like I am trying very hard to present a good resume, and I write good cover letters, but I feel like they all go into some black hole reserved specifically for resumes. Maybe even a special one for recent college grads. The recent job I got as an assistant for that one job in Norfolk was a wonderful opportunity, something that randomly was just dropped into my lap, a real lucky find for me. I don’t know if I’ll have something like that fall into my lap anytime soon, but I will keep on the look out. 

I think part of this indecision is also because I am really not liking the idea of leaving an environment where I’ve been so comfortable for the past four years, really for the past….17 years…school. Especially these past four years at VCU. I like the idea of just continuing to learn more and more, but it does come at a steep price, and I can’t afford to be a student for the rest of my life. But I just don’t want to get out there yet, but I know I should, I have to. But I’m just wondering if this is the right moment. 

This blog will probably begin to document my first year out of college as well as continue to be a photography blog, I will probably use my camera to document this all somehow, which, as I’m writing this, sounds like a nice possibility for a project post-college. So, I’m actually going to go ahead and say that my decision will be to graduate. To take that next step, to get on my feet and begin to learn how to run. 


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