First real assisting job!

About a month ago I received an email from a photographer in Brooklyn who travels photographing resorts, hotels, and other vacation spots. He has a client who has been sending him to different hotels around the country, and one of them was the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside in Norfolk. The budget was low, and he wanted to find someone local. So that’s where I came in.

Before this job, I had never been paid to do assisting work, I’ve done a bit as part of my internship, and some just for the experience. So this time, getting paid was a real plus. As for the job, I pretty much just schlepped equipment around the whole three days, we did around 15 setups, ranging from the hotel pool, to the Presidential suite (which is one of the nicest in the area according to the marketing lady). As for the lighting, it was pretty basic, mono lights aimed toward a wall, or up at the ceiling, provided most of the fill light he needed for the images. There were only two occasions where he needed an umbrella on a light. In addition to getting paid, my room and meals were covered by the client (free room service!) My room had a fantastic view of the Harbor, and I had free time to wander, so here are a few pics I took.




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