Tommie’s Barber Shop

It has been a while since I’ve posted (my bad), but I have some new photographs that I am quite excited about. My Senior Portfolio project has changed once again, and the following images are the latest from it.

Brookland Park Boulevard is home to a few businesses, one of which is Tommie’s Barber Shop. Tommie has been in Richmond for over 20 years, his shop is located on a quiet corner of Brookland Park. His windows, with their hand painted signs, are filled with all sorts of different plants, lots of cactuses. When you go inside it is quite unlike the traditional barber shop in a sense. The decor is very eclectic, ranging from taxidermy animals to old newspaper clippings on the walls. There is a mismatch of chairs and other furniture, but it is very homey. There were a few people inside, regulars from what I saw, but I think that Tommie does not necessarily have clients, he has friends. He is good with faces and remembers names well. When I asked Tommie if I could take some pictures, he told me how he had taken a few photography courses when he was in New York, he seemed to know a lot about photography. He said that there is a lot of difference between a photograph and a picture. Tommie said he wants to move to Vermont, I asked him if he had family there; he wants to go because he thinks the scenery is pretty. The man he was shaving asked him about the cold weather, Tommie’s reply was that he would be rich enough to not be cold.







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