Looking Up

This year we have our senior projects to work on, I just finished up the first part of Senior Portfolio and these are the final ten images I put together for the critique. In this project I am focusing on the differences between artificial light and natural light. The transition from relying on nature to relying on and building our lives around our invention of artificial light. The stars were made to serve as our initial light source at night, long before the lightbulb was invented or fire even discovered. Upon the invention of the lightbulb, we began to adapt by lengthening our days, since we no longer were bound by 12 hours of light to do our day to day tasks in. I have arranged the images in such a way that they could be explained in a few different ways; from the city to the mountains, from artificial light to starlight, and from up close to distant. I think this progression is much better than trying to go through and pair up images based on, let’s say, architectural similarities or similar colors. Through working on this project I have gained a much better appreciation for the night sky and the cosmos. I often find myself gazing up to the stars in awe.


One thought on “Looking Up

  1. interesting idea for a series! I like the reasoning behind the progression as well. The only thing I feel needs some variation is the second half; the first half is so diverse that the ones that feature primarily the stars look a little too similar stylistically. 🙂

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