Happy Christmas!

Sitting here watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey one!), thinking about this weekend. Aside from a stressful start to the week with Mom in the hospital, things have been great! Mom is doing great, the rest of the family is as well, so all in all it’s been wonderful during break so far. I am getting to the point that I am ready to get back to Richmond and start working on projects again.

Speaking of projects and school, I haven’t really been doing much with my camera on break, but I did get roped into taking family pictures yesterday, and I thought I would share my beautiful family with y’all! Here are a few of my favorites :




Weekly Inspiration

Lots of fashion work this week (sometimes I secretly want to be a fashion photographer).

Signe Vilstrup:

Signe Vilstrup

Magazine: Vanity Fair Italia
Editorial: “Fur”
Photography: Signe Vilstrup

Signe Vilstrup

Signe Vilstrup

Magazine: Elle Denmark, April 2011
Editorial: ‘Flower Girls’
Models: Solveig Mørk Hansen, Maria Palm Lyduch, Julie Rhode
Photography: Signe Vilstrup

Costas Avgoulis:

Costas Avgoulis

Costas Avgoulis

Magazine: Marie Claire Greece, November 2011
Model: Nataliya Piro
Photography: Costas Avgoulis

Weekly Inspiration

Images from the past week that have caught my eye. I’ve really been enjoying using my iPad’s Flipboard app to browse various blogs and sites. All but one of these images were found on the Editor’s Choice page on Flipboard for 500px.

The Ethiopian Surma Tribe

Mario Gerth’s images of the Ethiopian Surma tribe.

Saidazim Fazilov, 500px.com

Milky Night
Martin Marcisovsky, 500px.com

Seeing the Universe Above the Forest
Michael Menefee, 500px.com

Milford sound, NZ
Weerapong Chaipuck, 500px.com
I´m coming
Ondrej Pakan, 500px.com

Looking Up

This year we have our senior projects to work on, I just finished up the first part of Senior Portfolio and these are the final ten images I put together for the critique. In this project I am focusing on the differences between artificial light and natural light. The transition from relying on nature to relying on and building our lives around our invention of artificial light. The stars were made to serve as our initial light source at night, long before the lightbulb was invented or fire even discovered. Upon the invention of the lightbulb, we began to adapt by lengthening our days, since we no longer were bound by 12 hours of light to do our day to day tasks in. I have arranged the images in such a way that they could be explained in a few different ways; from the city to the mountains, from artificial light to starlight, and from up close to distant. I think this progression is much better than trying to go through and pair up images based on, let’s say, architectural similarities or similar colors. Through working on this project I have gained a much better appreciation for the night sky and the cosmos. I often find myself gazing up to the stars in awe.

Photo booth, take 1

This weekend I took my first photo booth pictures! My friend Ali came to me with the idea of doing some sort of photo booth for our organization’s Christmas party. I did some research on photo booths and read about doing a studio style set up instead of the traditional photo booths. I liked the idea of the studio style much more and there was plenty of space. Thankfully my friend Stephen (you should check out his blog)  had not returned the light kit he had borrowed from our school’s equipment checkout, so it worked out perfectly!

The setup was pretty simple, one light set up camera right, shooting through a white umbrella. The background was a patterned Christmas wrapping paper, and there were some fun props for everyone to use. Intervarsity @ VCU sure is a photogenic bunch!


I have finally decided to start up a proper photography blog, I tried to make a tumblr, but that just wasn’t quite the right format (as much as I love Tumblr) so I have decided to use WordPress.  I am really excited to show you all my work here, let’s get to it!

A link to my Tumblr for those of you that enjoy that sort of thing.